New York Cosmos 2018/19 Away Kit Revealed

Sat bang in the middle of America’s North League for soccer sits New York Cosmos who are currently three points away from North Carolina FC and two points above Jacksonville Armada. While American soccer might be a stranger to those who love the game in Europe, we think just as valuable to show our cousins across the pond’s kit whenever it’s revealed.

Here is New York Cosmos’ away kit which is made by Inaria.




The design itself is simple – many of the best kits are, but is it a little too simple?


The top is white. Plain white with no thrills or exciting patterns. The sleeves are white and the neckline has no other colour.




One thing which the designers have done quite successfully however, is that when colour is used, whether on the number, the crest or league logo, they have made sure that there is a shared colour. This similarity saves the kit from being a jumbled mess and allows it to retain simplicity.



Perhaps the only excitement that this kit top has to offer is the slightly collared neckline, giving the tiniest smudge of style.


While nobody would argue that this kit wasn’t basic, these people might also say that it’s better than being a confused mess of colours and styles. Naming no names….


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