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Cold Gear LS Turtleneck Red

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  • Cold Gear LS Turtleneck Red

Cold Gear LS Turtleneck Red

Just because the temperature drops it doesn't mean your performance also has to, especially when sporting the Under Armour Cold Gear LS Turtleneck Shirt. Created from 63% nylon, 23% polyester and 14% elastane; this long sleeve shirt ensures you stay dry, warm and light to be able to perform at your best. For optimum performance, this ColdGear‚® shirt uses a dual-layer fabric which circulates body heat and means you can stay outside longer. As a compression garment, the tight fit is all about maximising your performance. By sitting close to your skin, this bolsters your muscle support and accelerates your recovery time; less time off the pitch and more time performing when you need to. Keeping warm is often associated with heavy and bulky garment, not such a case with this Under Armour Cold Gear LS Shirt. Lightweight fabrics are utilised in Under Armour's signature Moisture Transport System, meaning your body temperature is consistent in any condition. As an added design feature, anti-odour technology prevents the growth of odour causing microbes, keeping yourself and your clothing fresher for longer. A plain red design sees the Under Armour logo stitched in white atop the turtleneck collar. Engineered to be worn as a base layer, this garment is the perfect start to base all your sports kit around and perform on the sports field.

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