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Mueller Kinesiology Tape Pink

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  • Mueller Kinesiology Tape Pink

Mueller Kinesiology Tape Pink

Kinesiology tape has a multitude of uses as a protective and rehabilitative taping technique applied over muscles to reduce pain and inflammation, relax overused tired muscles and provide structural support to joints and muscles movement. This method allows athletes to continue training and or competing as injuries heal. Kinesiology taping is designed to improve the body's natural healing process by helping to improving circulation and increasing blood flow around the muscle which increases the presence of oxygen and nutrients to assist with repair of damaged tissues and accelerates the breakdown and removal of waste product. Kinesiology relieves pain physically and neurologically, the tapes lifting action relieves pressure on pain receptors that are located under the skin. This is particularly effective for acute injuries, when pain persists after an injury has healed and or for pain that is dis-proportionate to the injury itself. Kinesiology tapes unique elastic properties ensure that muscles and joints are closely supported during all activities, discouraging harmful movements whilst still allowing a safe and healthy range of motion. Kinesiology tape has a wave patterned adhesive backing which moves with the skin and muscles to facilitate biomechanically correct and supported movement. Kinesiology tape can be worn for up to 5 days during intense exercise, swimming, showering and bathing as the tape is quick drying. Kinesiology tape can be professionally or self-applied or with the help of others. Application guides are available from many sources online. Please note, this tape measures 5cm x 5m.

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