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Nottingham Forest Release Their 2018/19 Kit by Macron

Here at UK Soccer Shop we love a red kit. Whether it’s Middlesbrough’s Northern flair or the international status of Luxembourg. It seems to remind us of the table football players – red verses blue. No team are more synonymous in the red jersey than Nottingham Forest. They finished their season in 17th place with 53 points and while this isn’t a disastrous finish, their fans will be hoping for something a little more from their team. They’ll be eager for Premier League football. Their latest kit, designed by Macron, is classic, well-designed, and certainly worthy of leaving the second tier of English football.

The kit itself is entirely red, with tapering that we’ll mention in a moment. Down the centre of the chest is a large, lighter stripe. The stripe runs all the way to the bottom, retaining the jersey’s simplicity, while also breaking up the expanse of deep red on the front.


Around the bottom of the kit top is white tapering, this blends into the shorts and completes the bottom of the kit. An area that isn’t often paid attention to.

This tapereing is seen again on the underside of the sleeves, however it blends into a thin, double-line tapering which follows round the to outside of the sleeves.

The neckline is where the real character comes from. It has a a semi-collar, reflecting the club’s extensive heritage and once again the two red lines feature once again. On the front of the neckline are a series of buttons, emphasising the classic-look. These buttons are highlighted by the lighter shade which runs down the front of the jersey.

nottingham forrest

One thing that can be said about Nottingham Forest’s kit is that it uses the perfect amount of colours – two. There isn’t too much going on and everything just seems to fit. Perfect.

We look forward to seeing this kit running up and down the City Ground pitch.


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