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The Latest New Balance Tekela Pro Football Boots have Arrived

If You Want a Bright Pink Football Boot, the Latest New Balance Tekela Pro Football Boots are for You.


Here at UK Soccer Shop, you must know by now that we don’t just love expertly designed football kits. We also love looking at the boots that accompany them. So far in 2018, we’ve seen Nike’s 2018 World Cup boots, Umbro’s first laceless boots and the new Puma One Stun Packs. Our favourites? Probably the Stun Packs that represent a rainy midweek game in Stoke. But perhaps the opposite of the Stun Packs’ metallic, rainy nature are the latest New Balance Tekela Pro football boots. They’re both aesthetically eye-catching and practical. Let’s take a look.


New Balance Tekela Pro


The overall pattern featuring across the football boots is a white webbing one. It blends seamlessly from the white front of the boot to the hot pink back. This creates a huge amount of depth and adds an eye-catching quality to the New Balance Tekela Pros. Furthermore, this white webbing also acts as the perfect canvas for New Balance to put their iconic ‘N’. on top of. The ‘N’ features on the outside of each boot and the words ‘New Balance’ can be seen on the inside edge.




On the front of each boot, the laces are bright pink on a black background. This excellent contrast is created by the ankle support that runs around the top of each football boot.


According to New Balance’s press release, the New Balance Tekela Pros feature a full section of ‘microfibre’ and ‘dynamic kinetic stitch embroidered bands.’ Both of these technologies improve the practicality of the boots. As we mentioned, New Balance has created the perfect blend of aesthetic quality and practicality.




The underside of each boot is deep pink. It features a black criss-crossing pattern that runs across the unique stud pattern. Furthermore, this black underside, like the ankle support, creates a strong, dynamic colour contrast.


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