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Nike Release Patriotic USA Away Soccer Jersey

The USA like to do things big and bold and that’s what they’ve done here with their all new black away shirt.

The new federation logo takes its place on the USA away shirt for the very first time and Nike have outdone themselves with a clean and very different colour scheme and design.

The USA 2016/2017 away shirt that will be used in this years Copa America which the United States are hosting.


The sleeves are what make this new USA away jersey so unique – the right sleeve is red while the left is blue. The colours (or colors) of the American flag proudly on display

The shirt gets even more patriotic when you can untuck your sleeves to reveal the words ‘1 nation’ & ‘1 team’ on the left and right respectively. USA is also stictched to the back of the collar.

If Nike were trying to score points for tapping into American patriotism then they have managed to succeed! This shirt might not look like a typical jersey for a USA team but it perfectly reflects the change in attitude to football or soccer in the USA.



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