Adidas Copa 17 – The Full Silo Revealed

The Adidas Copa 17 Red Limit is the flagship boot but it comes with three siblings. The past is so good that it needed a quartet to come into the future.

Available in a fortnight’s time, the outstanding boot silo takes the Red Limit 17.1 edition and carries the class throughout the silo.

ADIDAS COPA 17.1 Football Boot

The Red Limit is the highlight of the range.

adidas copa 17-1-red-limit

A premium price gets you a premium boot. The upper is supple Kangaroo leather with a Sprintframe outsole, as well as an external counterbalance on the heel.

adidas-copa-17-1-red-limit-overhead    adidas-copa-17-1-red-limit-soleplate

ADIDAS COPA 17.2 Football Boot

A step down from the real thing, the 17.2 features “Taurus leather” on the upper.

adidas copa 17-2

Externally, the differentiation between the top tiers of the silo is a shorter tongue on this model.

adidas-copa-17-2-overhead    adidas-copa

Closer inspection reveals a different soleplate with a modernist red design around the conical studs on a white background.

ADIDAS COPA 17.3 Football Boot

This is the 17.3 boot below:


Visually, this is the boot in the silo with the fullest tongue. A leather upper sits atop a plain white soleplate with matching studs.

adidas-copa-17-3-side    adidas-copa-17-3-soleplate

Overall, this is the 17.2 boot without the ‘Taurus leather’ upper.

ADIDAS COPA 17.4 Football Boot

This is the 17.4 football boot:


The basic model in the silo, this features a synthetic upper and moulded sole with a distinctive black patterning.

adidas-copa-17-4-overhead    adidas-copa-17-4-soleplate


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