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Adidas Japan 2016 Home and Away Jerseys

The new Japan 2016 Home Jersey boasts a unique gradient front graphic on the front. Designed to make a bold statement on the pitch, the gradient design fades from bright blue to dark navy using differently sized horizontal stripes, while a thin red stripe is placed in the center.

Apart from the bold design on the front, the new Japan 2016 Kit is traditionally navy. Based on the Adidas Condivo 16 template, the new Japan 2016 Jersey features the all-new 3 Stripes positioning and a unique v-collar.

The new Japan away kit is mostly white white a unique diamond-inspired graphic on the front and sleeves, representing the “intensely shining personality of the 11 players” on the field. It makes for an absolutely astonishing design, rounded off with black accents in the form of the modern crew-neck collar, the sleeve cuffs and the iconic Adidas stripes on the sides of the Japan away jersey.

On the inside of the collar is the image of the three-legged crow, Yatagarasu, a symbol seen as evidence of the will of Heaven or divine intervention in human affairs. The crow is also present in the Japan Football Association badge.


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