Adidas Launch Stunning Speed Of Light Pack

Adidas today revealed the Speed of Light pack for the Messi 16+ PureAgility, X16+ PureChaos and X16 PureControl boot ranges. It’s a bold and striking addition to the collection, with a distinctive colourway across the three boot types.

As well as the new colours, there are  upgrades with technical advances for the second generation of these boots

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Adidas Messi 16+ PureAgility Speed Of Light Pack

The Messi 16+ PureAgility boot from Adidas is in ‘Shock Blue’ as part of the Speed of Light pack.

The stunning design sees the previously silver boot overhauled with blue. The trademark Three Stripes and personalisation offerr the introduction of silver into the colourway but the knit upper with collar are all blue. The soleplate is a metallic variation of the blue, completing the modernist approach to the boot’s colour.

Pureagility Messi 16+ Side   Pureagility Messi 16+ innter Pureagility Messi 16+ heel   Pureagility Messi 16+ front

The boots are upgraded to a laceless version, offering a smoother area to control and kick the ball. The knit upper has been improved for a more natural and supple fit.

Adidas X16+ PureChaos Speed Of Light Pack

This is the vivid X16+ PureChaos Speed of Light pack. The colourway is ‘Solar Red’ with white trim.

On the surface, the X16+ appears to be laceless but they are hidden under the upper, giving the boot a cleaner surface to kick the ball. The raised collar sits above the neck, below which is the white Adidas logo, the only time the colour appears on the boot.

Purechaos x16+ pair   Purechaos x16+ pair front soleplate Purechaos x16+ inner soleplate   Purechaos x16+ heel

As with the PureAgility, there is a metallic finish to the soleplate and on the heel is the counterbalance, showing on the outside of the boot as part of the trim.

Adidas X16 PureControl Speed Of Light Pack

This is the Adidas X16 PureControl Speed of Light pack.


Adidas has launched the X16 PureControl in a ‘Sonic Yellow / Core Black’ colourway. In common with the other boots in the pack, the soleplate is a metallic version of the base colour, this time yellow. It’s the brightest of the boots, with the Three Stripes in black, offering  a striking contrast.

Purecontrol x16 Speed of Light pair   Purecontrol x16 Speed of Light heel Purecontrol x16 Speed of Light   Purecontrol x16 Speed of Light inner

As with the PureChaos, it’s an almost laceless design, giving the boot a larger and smoother surface to kick the ball.

It’s a striking range in and a distinctive contrast to the recently issue Nike Pitch Dark pack. Adidas’ future’s so bright, you’ve got to wear shades.


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