Adidas Originals Go To Palace

Adidas Originals has done it again!

Adidas teamed up with famed skateboard designers Palace, for an outstanding range of shirts under the Adidas Originals brand.

Promoting the launch, a stunning advert became a YouTube hit!

Adidas Originals And Palace – By Royal Appointment

This is the first design of the shirts:

adidas originals-palace-football-jerseys-banner

The standard Adidas white t-shirt features an insane array of colours down either side of the shirt and across the upper back.

As well as the Adidas trefoil, Palace’s triangle logo features on the left breast while the company’s name occupies the primary sponsor slot on the chest.

The new collection features a darker top as well:

adidas originals-palace-football-jerseys-blue

The blue shirt features a white back with darker hues in the pattern, contrasting with the plain front. Palace and Adidas repeat their logos and branding in a more subdued colour scheme.

The inspiration for the tops comes from Adidas’ range of shirts from the seventies and eighties. The London-based Palace makeover is one of the finest in the Originals collection.

Both designs feature Palace and the number 16 on the reverse.


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