Adidas Unveils Glitch App

The Glitch, Adidas’ ground-breaking boot, caused huge excitement over its’ recent release. Now, the German boot manufacturer unveils a Glitch app to go with it. Continuing the theme of exclusivity, this is not just any ordinary app!


Adidas Launches Glitch App

The Glitch App is the ultimate toy when it comes to football boots. As if the silos interchangeable design weren’t enough of a breakthrough, the app allows the user to buy their boots!


Getting the app is easy enough; the boots are a different story. Determined to mine the exclusiveness of the Glitch, buyers need a unique “guest” code. To get one, follow the Glitch community news on social media. Find this by searching under “# Glitch16”.

Once you possess the code, you order your “Starter Pack”. Several “guest” codes are then made available to you for sharing with your communities on each platform.


While the exclusiveness upsets some, it’s a neat marketing ploy from Adidas. What that means for the silo’s longevity is another matter.


Among the features of the app is arranging a fitting session after selecting the inner chasis and outer skin from the Adidas Glitch range.


The Glitch app is available on iOs via the App Store while the Android version is set to be launched later this month.

As ever, it’s only available to UK users.




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