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Game Changer: 3D Printed Boots

How far are we away from 3D printed football boots?

Well, the answer is pretty simple. They’re here! Just not open to the mass market, YET.

Below is a pair of 3D printed second skin boots designed by former professional footballer Sam Margetts in 2013 as a project in his second semester at the Auckland University as a prototype.

3d football boot uksoccershop

The boots themselves are very simple in design, no frills and no distracting colours to take away from the technology that went into making them.

The design of the boot is aimed at all ages and it’s look and feel is to help maximise the playing potential of anyone who wears them.

These are causing real intrigue, even people who just have a passing fancy to football boots have taken notice of the innovation involved.

Right now a footballer must find a boot that is a ‘close enough’ fit to the shape of their feet and level of comfort. This concept would allow ‘total’ custom fit to individual needs to ensure optimal comfort and functionality.

3d football boot uksoccershop

So how does it work?

If you heat the material up by tightening the laces and applying pressure, it will completely conform to the contours of your feet. This technique would mean there would be no wear-in time for footballers. Sore feet is often an inevitability even when you are buzzing about a new pair of boots! The material is also shock absorbent.

This technology is not a fly by night concept; this will revolutionise football in the coming years. New Balance has dabbled with 3D printing with some of their footwear range but hasn’t gone as far as this boot does. It’s only a matter of time before 3D printed boots make it to the mass market and change the game.

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