How Do The Glitch Boots Work?

The question on your mind is how easy can the skins be changed? We’ll get the answers soon enough when the adidas Glitch boots are released.


The German manufacturer created anticipation with a series of leaked boots and issuing prototypes. To answer the question, some users have created videos demonstrating the process and how straightforward is it?

Changing the adidas Glitch boot – Is it rocket science?

This video is from @lucasfootball3.

It’s not rocket science, is it?

Of course, practice makes perfect. Will your average footballer find the process that easy? For the professionals they will have kitmen to do this but the average park footballer?

There may be a good reality TV show in here though. Each week we can watch hungover men on a Sunday morning trying to change the inner and outer skins. How long before the weary and frustrated voice cries, “Where are the Puma Kings?”

When you get your pair –  you know you will – let us know how easy they are to use!


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