Infographic: Who are the UK’s World Cup Optimists and Pessimists?

How do you fancy England’s chances in Brazil? We’ve surveyed 2,000 people from around the UK and asked them how far they reckon Roy Hodgson can manage to take England’s best and put the results in the graphic below – and you may be surprised just who rates their chances and who is expecting an early exit. 50% of UK football fans believe that England can make it to the final 8 – but after years of second round and quarter final exits, there aren’t many who believe that they can go all the way: just 6% believe England will win the World Cup. Asking football fans from around the UK – including supporters of the other home nations – we’ve highlighted some of the most interesting opinions in the graphic below. Which clubs have the most pessimistic views? Do Men or Women have more faith in England? Which age groups remain the most optimistic? For a more complete breakdown of facts, see our point by point analysis below the infographic. How far do you think England will go? Tell us in the comments or join the conversation on Twitter World Cup Infographic

The overall picture

  • 2,000 people living in the UK were surveyed
  • 23% expected England to fail to progress from group D – where they face Euro 2012 finalists Italy and Uruguay, semi-finalists in South Africa and Copa America champions
  • 77% expect England to make it at least as far the knockout stage, but 27% expect England to go out at this point – where they exited after a painful 4-1 defeated in 2010
  • 50% anticipate England making it at least to the quarter finals – 27% think this will be their last stand – this was last achieved at both the 2002 and 2006 tournaments
  • 23% believe England will still be hanging on by the semi-finals, but 12% think this will be as far as they will go – England were last in the semi-finals back in 1990
  • The remaining 11% of all those surveyed think England will make it to the final. 6.5% think they’ll win, 4.5% think they’ll just be runners up. Of course, in 16 World Cup entries, England has never been the second side – we don’t need to tell you that they won that one time
  • One of the strangest details from the survey – Scottish Premiership fans are more likely to believe England can win the World Cup than fans of England’s own top-tier league (8% versus 6%). A larger number also believed that England could make it to the final (15% versus 10%)
  • Nonetheless, fans of certain SPL clubs are among the most unconvinced of England’s chances – 50% of Kilmarnock and 45.45% of Hearts fans don’t see England progressing beyond the group stage
  • Among English premiership sides, fans of West Bromwich Albion are most pessimistic – 45% predict an early exit. Fulham fans are also unenthused (40%)
  • The most optimistic are Manchester City fans – 13% believe England will win
  • Generally, national optimism seems to be linked with Premiership success:
Of the nine fan followings that identified with an above average (23% of fans) expectation of failure in the first round, seven were in the lower half of the premiership at the time the survey was conducted (West Brom, Fulham, Swansea, Norwich, Cardiff, Hull, Crystal Palace)
  • Of the eight fan followings that identified with an above average (6% of fans) expectation of an England win, six were in the upper half of the premiership at the time the survey was conducted (Man City, Southampton, Chelsea, Man Utd, Arsenal, Aston Villa)
  • Southerners have the most faith in England’s footballers – 8% believe they can win
  • Only 2% of people surveyed in Northern Ireland think that England can lift the world cup
  • Young adults haven’t yet been jaded by England’s lack of success – 9% believe they can win, compared with 5% of both 35-54 year olds and 5% of people aged 55 and over
  • Women have more faith in England than men: 7% believe they can win (versus 5%) and only 21% think that an exit in the group stage is likely (versus 27%)
  • Which clubs are the most cynical?
Other factors – regions, age and a battle of the sexes

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