Karlsruhe 2016/17 Kits Released

Karlsruhe SC, 7th in 2.Bundesliga last season, have revealed their kits for next season. It’s refreshing change to see their promotional photographs. So many clubs issue mood pictures with unapproachable players at the epicentre, that its a pleasure to look at the Karlsruhe kit.

OK, it’s not an unusual design but does that matter if the players look like they are enjoying themselves?


Karlsruhe SC 2016-17 Kits banner

Karlsruhe SC 2016/17 Home Kit

This is the Karlsruhe home kit for 2016/17:

Karlsruhe SC 2016-17 Kits home front  Karlsruhe SC 2016-17 Kits home back

It’s an all-blue kit, manufactured by Jako. The German kit manufacturer is mopping up a number of lower-tier clubs this season.

On the front of the shirt are tonal blue horizontal stripes, extending around the back of the shirt.

The trim is white. A Henley style collar has a raised white section whilst the cuffs are white with a blue bar on the outside.

Completing the kit are blue shorts and socks.

Karlsruhe SC 2016/17 Away Kit

This is Karlsruhe away kit for next season:

Karlsruhe SC 2016-17 Kits away front  Karlsruhe SC 2016-17 Kits away back

An unusual design, the shirt has a blue and white colour scheme. It’s unusual because the home shirt is the same shade of blue. Those wacky Karlsruhe guys…

The collar is a faux-wing in white whilst the cuffs at the end of the white sleeves are blue bands.

White shorts and socks complete the kit.

Karlsruhe SC 2016/17 Third Kit

This is the Karlsruhe third kit for 2016/17:

Karlsruhe SC 2016-17 Kits third front  Karlsruhe SC 2016-17 Kits third back

The shirt is a similar design to the home kit. Yellow this time, instead of blue, with similar tonal hoops on the body of the front and back.

The trim is red, with a raised red collar with the same cuffs with red stripe down the side of the shirt.

Shorts are yellow whilst the socks are the same.

A set of kits which are straightforward with a subtle patterning to bring a little sunshine to their lives.


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