Sensational Neymar X Jordan Boots Unveiled

Pairing two strong brands has proven a masterstroke for Nike. Announced in June by a Hypervenom boot design, Neymar and Air Jordan is going from strength to strength. Clothing, a football and the Air Jordan trainers are now joined by a sensational Nike Hypervenom Phantom II boot.


With two strong sporting individuals associated with the boots, they are sure to be remembered fondly in years to come. Not least because they are the first boots to wear the iconic Jordan logo.

Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Neymar X Jordan White Colourway

These are the new Nike Hypervenom 2 Neymar x Jordan boots with the stunning white colourway:

HO16_GFB_Neymar_1123_Hypervenom_Phantom_FG_01_08_native_600  HO16_GFB_Neymar_1123_Hypervenom_Phantom_FG_08_08_native_600

The design keeps the basics of the original Air Jordan x Neymar Hypervenom boots, changing the black base colour for white. Contrasting with the white is a vivid orange predominantly on the soleplate but also in the other accents and logos.

HO16_GFB_Neymar_1123_Hypervenom_Phantom_FG_06_08_native_600   HO16_GFB_Neymar_1123_Hypervenom_Phantom_FG_04_08_native_600

The Dynamic Collar is grey and features the Flywire strings of the current Hypervenom silo for the surest fit. Matching the colour of the collar is matched by the Nike Swoosh atop the inner front half of the upper.

The upper is an upgraded NikeSkin, improved from the ‘ordinary’ Hypervenom boot.

HO16_GFB_Neymar_1123_Hypervenom_Phantom_FG_07_08_native_600   HO16_GFB_Neymar_1123_Hypervenom_Phantom_FG_02_08_native_600

The soleplate features the orange colouring with black speckles. The stud formation matches the current Hypervenom second gen boots.

HO16_GFB_Neymar_1123_Hypervenom_Phantom_FG_Hero_2_c_native_600  HO16_GFB_Neymar_1123_Hypervenom_Phantom_FG_Hero_1_c_native_600

On the heel, Michael Jordan and Neymar’s shirt numbers accompany an orange ‘Jordan’ logo, stitched on the outer side of each boot; Neymar on the left, Jordan on the right.NIKE HYPERVENOM PHANTOM II NEYMAR X JORDAN - WHITE

It’s a stunning addition to the Nike football boot range with an iconic motif, destined to be remembered as a defining moment in boot design.


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