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F50 adizero XTRX FG Football Boots Phantom/Running White/Electri

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  • F50 adizero XTRX FG Football Boots Phantom/Running White/Electri
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F50 adizero XTRX FG Football Boots Phantom/Running White/Electri

Good looks, great features, light weight and a brain create the perfect model “ of Football boots that is. Presenting the Adidas Adizero XTRX FG Football Boot, a new generation that has revolutionised the sports world. Heavy on features, this boot is most certainly light on weight weighing in at an outstanding 150g (UK size 8). This is due in large part to the Adidas Sprintskin technology used in the construction of this boot, a revolutionary single synthetic layer which helps minimise the weight and also allows for maximum ball-control and feel. Across the upper, Adidas patented Sprintweb provides excellent stability and agility when moving at speed whilst incorporating an abrasion resistant kicking zone. Adidas have gone out of their way developing this boot to ensure maximum comfort and fit from heel to toe and anywhere else you can think of. To begin with the variable width lacing system is off centre and follows the natural contour of the foot to provide a better anatomical fit and feel to the F50 adiZero TRX. This is backed up by an independent movable tongue providing a better fit with two slits at the top of the tongue producing a customized fit for any foot size. Even the interior heel is constructed with a lining of plush foam underneath to provide protection and maximise comfort. At home on natural firm ground surfaces, the F50 features strategically placed moulded studs to ensure optimum traction in all environments for high performance in training and match conditions. Beneath the removable anatomically shaped insole is where the real action happens, or rather monitored. Within a built-in cavity players will find the home of the Adidas miCoach, this is where the fastest boot gets a brain. Capturing 360 degrees movement and measuring key performance data including speed, average speed (recorded every second), maximum speed (recorded every five seconds), number of sprints, distance covered, distance at high intensity levels and stride rates; there is no more hiding on the football pitch as your every move is monitored quite literally. ***This boot does not contain the miCoach Sensor, which is available to purchase separately.*** The miCoach Sensor can store up to seven hours of data, which can then be wirelessly transmitted to your tablet, PC or MAC. For players wanting to take their training to a higher level, statistics can then be uploaded to existing training plans via the miCoach website which are then incorporated into personalised coaching programmes that are tailored specifically to you. A black, running white and electricity colour way create a stylish look befitting of the features that lay beneath the surface. For players serious about their sport, then the F50 AdiZero will introduce you to a whole new Football world.

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