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adiPure 11 Pro TRX FG Football Boots Bright Blue/Infra Red

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  • adiPure 11 Pro TRX FG Football Boots Bright Blue/Infra Red
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adiPure 11 Pro TRX FG Football Boots Bright Blue/Infra Red

This pair of adidas adiPure 11 Pro miCoach Bundle Pack XTRX FG Boots should come with a clear warning, stating that this footwear could seriously enhance your performance. Your Football boots just got a lot faster and a whole lot more intelligent. Weighing in at just 240g (UK size 8), the 11 Pro features a wealth of features to ensure player comfort and durability of the boot. This includes an ultra-thin DuraCoating to help protect the super-soft premium K-leather in the main kicking area, a super-soft synthetic leather suede lining for excellent comfort and an anatomically moulded EVA insole with flex zones in the forefoot for a perfect all round fit. Crafted from Taurus leather, newly developed full-grain calf leather for a glove-like fit, this material is also highly abrasion-resistant with low water uptake making for a light model. Beneath the boot a Traxion 2.0 stud configuration, combining interchangeable and moulded studs ensures optimum acceleration and ultimate durability on natural firm ground conditions. The sprint frame construction also uses geometrical learnings and a new stud shape to offer the perfect balance between light weight and stability. Another adidas innovation is the inclusion of a PlusFlex outsole split between the third and fourth toe, allowing for ground adaption and higher energy efficiency during lateral movements. Fusing a dynamic electric blue design injected with infra red splashes creates a stylish look, designed to turn heads as well as opponents on the Football field. Just when you thought it wasn™t possible to cram any more into these boots then be prepared to let your feet do your thinking. Accompanying these boots is the adidas miCoach chip, which fits discreetly in a chamber beneath the inner sole. Your boots now have the ability to report back on all your progress in training and match environments including time, speed, distance, speed zones and number of sprints. These are all recorded and can be monitored by simply connecting the miCoach chip to your PC or iPhone. There™s nowhere to hide now as your every move is monitored. ***Please note that this boot does not contain the adidas miCoach Chip, which can be purchased separately.***

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