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Predator LZ Lethal Zone XTRX SG Football Boots Black/Lab Lime

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  • Predator LZ Lethal Zone XTRX SG Football Boots Black/Lab Lime
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Predator LZ Lethal Zone XTRX SG Football Boots Black/Lab Lime

Designed and engineered to meet the needs of the player, the adidas Predator LZ Lethal Zone XTRX SG Football Boot has just got a whole lot more lethal. The whole concept of the Predator LZ is to create a high performance boot, achieved through an array of innovative features across the boot. Made from a lightweight Sprintskin material and featuring an off-centre lacing system, players can be assured of an enhanced fit and supreme comfort across the whole boot. Taking on board extensive pro-player feedback, adidas has injected their boot with a revolutionary five lethal zones focused around first touch, pass and control, sweet-spot, drive and dribble; for an innovative and practical design surpassing any other model. An internal heel counter provides added stability, protection and support, without compromising on weight and comfort. One of the key strengths of the Predator is the inclusion of adidas's Sprintframe outsole construction, focusing on stability and lightweight through geometry. Combining geometrical studies with a revolutionary outsole material, players will benefit from an outsole 50% lighter than standard TPU outsoles whilst also enhancing stability. To ensure maximum grip and acceleration across soft natural surfaces, the Predator LZ features a hybrid configuration of removable and moulded studs across the forefoot and heel. Those positioned across the forefoot deliver power whilst all-important stability is provided with the studs placed on the heel. A new season brings a new look and this latest offering has been designed to make a statement on the Football field. The metallic black upper is injected with vibrant lab lime tones across the five lethal zones, creating a look which is both stylish and distinct. This colour theme continues across the sole and studs, creating a visually stunning pair of high performance Football boots. Beneath the removable anatomically shaped insole is where the real action happens, or rather monitored. Within a built-in cavity players will find the home of the adidas miCoach, this is where the fastest boot gets a brain. Capturing 360º movement and measuring key performance data including speed, average speed (recorded every second), maximum speed (recorded every five seconds), number of sprints, distance covered, distance at high intensity levels and stride rates; there is no more hiding on the Football field as your every move is monitored. Storing up to seven hours of data, the miCoach cell can be wirelessly transmitted to your tablet, PC or MAC. For players wanting to take their training to a higher level, statistics can then be uploaded to existing training plans via the miCoach website which are then incorporated into personalised coaching programmes, tailored specifically to you. Please note that the miCoach cell is not included with this boot and can be purchased separately. These boots weigh 256g each (UK size 8)

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