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CTR360 Libretto III FG Football Boots Citrus/White/Black

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  • CTR360 Libretto III FG Football Boots Citrus/White/Black
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CTR360 Libretto III FG Football Boots Citrus/White/Black

For players who like to take charge and be in control, then Nike have the ideal solution with their new CTR360 Libretto III FG Football Boots. A take-down and alternative to the high-end CTR360 Maestri III model, this version incorporates a lightweight and durable upper which has the look and feel of leather without the cost. Taking inspiration from the Maestri III, the CTR360 Libretto III incorporates a wealth of features aimed at enhancing control, support, traction and comfort. A practical and notable feature of the Libretto III relates to the innovative 3D control pads which hug the outside of the arch. The sole aim of these is to maximise ball contact for precise receiving and passing accuracy, meaning that you really are in control of your game from any position on the pitch. A subtle, but functional touch, regards the lacing system which has been deliberately positioned slightly off centre. This follows the direction of the 3D control pad and enhances the outside to generate a more delicate touch. The FG sole plate features a series of strategically positioned blades which have been engineered to make light work of firm natural surfaces. Three separate plates across the forefoot ensure optimum power and traction in your play whilst those across the heel deliver all-important stability. Never ones to disappoint when it comes to inventing striking new colour ways, the CTR360 Libretto III FG is certainly a vibrant offering even by Nike's standards. A bright citrus tone characterises this latest design and sits aside a more understated black for a distinct two-tone effect. These colours also unite across the sole to create a look of continuity that will clearly stand out on the Football field. *b*These boots weigh 246g each (UK size 8).*b*

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