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Mitre Campeon Football (white)

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  • Mitre Campeon Football (white)
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Mitre Campeon Football (white)

This delivers an excellent combination of power, feel and reliability. The non woven PU provides excellent durability and feel on either grass or astro turf. FIFA INSPECTED the new Campeon brings exceptionnal Mitre match performance to all ages. Its nearly 200 years since Mitre stiched its first football, making it the oldest ever British sports brand. This legendary brand is still bringing sports lover together around the world. Mitre is the players sports brand, passionate about team Sports and giving people the confidence to play at every level. From the grass roots and school initiatives all the way through to the elite of professionnal sports, Mitre is ever present on the fiels of play.

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  • FREE Worldwide Delivery Code 70SEP18 Orders Over £70.