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Pele - Large - Reel Star

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  • Pele - Large - Reel Star


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Pele - Large - Reel Star

Simply he was, and for many people still is, the greatest football player of the world. Not a single thing was impossible for him: he won three World Cup with his National Team (Sweden 1958, Chile 1962, Mexico 1970). He scored more than 1.200 goals during his long career (more than 1.300 official matches). He also won many national Leagues and Continental Cup ("Copa Libertadores"), with his team, the Santos FC of Sao Paulo ( Saint Paul ). In the Sixties he was nick-named "O' Rey" (The King) and in the Seventies 95 peoples out of 100 knew his name. ("Wow, man, you're popular!" said Robert Redford, some years ago, after seeing Pel give dozens of autographs in New York while he was not asked for one). He finished his career in the New York Cosmos, in the 1977. In the late 1960's, when he and his team, Santos , went to Nigeria to play a few friendly matches, the ongoing civil war stopped for the duration of his visit. Now he is an United Nation's Ambassador and has been also Minister for Sports in his country, but, for the people who saw him make their wizardries with his right foot, he is, now and forever, the biggest footballer in the world, and the one and only "King".

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